Planning permission and licences received

We are very pleased to announce that Ludlow Hydro Co-operative has received its planning permission and impoundment licence jsut before the end of December.

This has allowed us to submit our application for preliminary accreditation to OFGEM before the deadline of 31st December which has allowed us to lock into the current Feed in Tariff. If we had not met this deadine, we would have had to accept the FIT tariff reduction which is expected at the start of April 2015.

We now have all the permits we need in order to go ahead with construction. Before we do this we need to complete and sign the necessary leases, which are well in hand. As soon as these are signed, we will be launching a share offer to raise the funds needed for construction. We are hoping to do this by the beginning of February.



Consultation on draft plans

We have recently received draft plans for the proposed scheme and have organised a public consultation to share these with the community. This will be at the Ludlow Assembly Rooms, on 5th September, between 4pm and 7pm, all welcome. You can read more details here