About Us

The Ludlow Hydro Co-Operative (LHC) is an Industrial and Provident Society which was created in 2015 to fund-raise and install an Archimedean screw turbine at Ludford Mill in Shropshire, for the purpose of generating hydro-electric renewable energy.

The Co-Operative has been set up and, continues to be managed by, people who think the local hydro-power resource should be used to benefit the people of the local area. Please click on the photos below to view the profiles of the current Co-Operative Directors:


Ludford Mill stands on the south bank of the River Teme at Ludford, facing the town of Ludlow on the north bank, adjacent to the town’s Horseshoe Weir.

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Please note that Ludford Mill is a private residence and is not open to the general public. The LHC arrange occasional visits to the hydro plant but this is strictly by prior appointment. However, the site is visible from the public highway at Temeside, on the opposite river-bank.