October update

The civil engineering work started on the hydro turbine in the second week in August and the schedule was that by the second week in October the main enclosure walls would be complete, with stop logs top and bottom, which would allow us to remove the temporary cofferdam and retreat out of the river itself. This work proceeded smoothly, with an slippage of about a week, but we are on course to withdraw from the river and remove the cofferdam imminently.

Once this is done, we can continue to work on the detail within the enclosure protected by the stop logs, and the weir will be returned to normal operation.

Over the next few months( between now and January) we will be working on the more detailed work (building an enclosure for the electrical control gear, putting in place steel work in the form of sluice gates, screens and walkways, laying electrical cables and hydraulic lines, ready for the turbine to be delivered and put in place probably in January.