Website Updates (May 2019)

It gives us great pleasure to confirm that the Phase 1 website updates are now complete. Here is a taste of some of the changes that have been applied over the past month:

  1. Home – This page has been revamped to provide a succinct summary of who we are as an organisation in 2019, our potted history and our objectives for the future. Features include a new banner graphic of Ludford Mill, a 3D chart showing up-to-date hydro-electric generation figures and links to related-interest websites, including a satellite view of the LHC’s operation at Ludford Mill.
  2. The Scheme – This page has been rewritten to bring it up-to-date with our operation in 2019. Features include updated photos, additional schematic drawings, a performance summary and the relocation of our Vimeo video from the Home page.
  3. News – Whilst there have been no significant changes here, we have shared news of our website plans and outlined the approach to our implementation of those changes.
  4. About Us – This page has been restructured with director profiles now sitting behind, rather than alongside, each photo. The list of directors has also been brought up-to-date to reflect changes in appointment agreed at the recent AGM. New features include a location map and updated photo of Ludford Mill.
  5. Downloads – This page has been completely revamped. Broken links have been repaired and a large amount of new content has been added. New features include access to previous AGM meeting packs, key documents and related-interest topics.

Following the success of this implementation, we are pleased to report that Phase 2 of our delivery is now underway. Being our ‘business as usual’ phase, this will include monthly updates to the Generation Figures chart, to enable members and interested parties, to keep track of our progress in hydro-electric generation throughout the year.

We will also be working on feasibility plans for some further more complex enhancements to the website. If these subsequently come to fruition, they will form our Phase 3 updates, for ad hoc delivery sometime in the future. In the meantime, we hope you enjoy the applied changes and don’t forget to visit the website again from time to time, to check for further updates. Many thanks for your continued interest and, for supporting the work of the Ludlow Hydro Co-Operative.