New Riverside Information Board

Working in collaboration with the Teme Weirs Trust, it gives us great pleasure to announce that today, we have replaced the riverside information board located opposite Ludford Mill, at Temeside in Ludlow. The new board builds on the good work of its predecessor but now includes information about the operation of the Ludlow Hydro Co-Operative. Why not stop and see it for yourself, the next time you are passing? In the meantime, here is a preview of the updated information panel:

In terms of other general news, we also have another significant update this month. Following feedback from our Co-Operative Members, it gives us great pleasure to launch a new website feature. The ‘Generation Counter’ uses a ‘Rev Counter’ to visually display the performance of our hydro-electric generation.  It also captures the ‘Total KHw’ output as a numeric value, so you can easily keep track of our cumulative progress throughout the year.  This is in addition to the ‘Generation Figures’ chart that we already update each month. The new performance indicators link to a live-feed and so update periodically throughout each day.

And finally, we must not forget to recognise the day-to-day management of the hydro-electric generator, which is the life-blood to the operation of the Ludlow Hydro Co-Operative.  Our team are currently mobilising, in preparation for the next routine maintenance service, scheduled for early October. As such, don’t worry if you spot our generation output temporarily reduce whilst this work is underway – it is planned, routine, important work that will ensure the longevity of our hydro operation.

We hope you enjoy receiving our occasional news bulletins and don’t forget to visit the website from time to time, to check for further updates. In the meantime, many thanks for your continued interest and, for supporting the work of the Ludlow Hydro Co-Operative.