Happy New Year

A warm welcome to 2021 and the beginning of our sixth year of hydro-electric generation. The past year brought many challenges for the Ludlow Hydro Co-operative. Extreme flooding in February caused serious damage to our hydro plant. Then we had the challenges of Covid-19 restrictions while repair work got underway. Finally, there were unexpected technical issues to overcome before we were finally back up and running again. Thankfully from our member’s perspective, we had appropriate insurance in place to cover the repair work and loss of income. In fact, despite our electricity generation being out of operation for nearly five months in 2020, we nevertheless resumed normal operation by August and had a strong finish to the year. You will find the full calendar year generation figures freshly published on ‘The Scheme’ page of our website.

As we move into 2021, Anthony Schuster (Chairman of the Ludlow Hydro Co-operative), confirms: “Despite the challenges of 2020, we are optimistic of a strong year ahead in terms of hydro-electric generation for 2021. With all repair work successfully completed, we are back to normal operation, with renewed confidence that our plant is ready to deliver our quota of hydro power in the months ahead. In the meantime, we would like to take this opportunity to thank all our Co-op Members, contractors and interested parties for their continued support and, to wish everyone a very Happy New Year!”