Update on Hydro Repairs (June 2020)

Over the past six weeks, our team have continued to work with contractors to bring about repairs to our hydro infrastructure and we are happy to report that this work is now nearing completion.  Whilst Coronavirus lockdown has inevitably delayed proceedings, we have also had to cope with some technical set-backs along the way.  However, with the further lifting of lockdown restrictions this week, we continue to anticipate the generator will be back online and resuming normal business activity, by the end of June.

In the meantime, we are pleased to report that our insurers have now paid out interim payments toward the repair work and in lieu of our lost income from business interruption, with a further final payment due shortly.  With this in mind, we still anticipate being in a position to make a repayment of capital to our members later in the year, as per the motion carried at our recent AGM.

Please continue to stay safe in these difficult times and we will post further updates shortly, just as soon as our hydro generator resumes normal operation. Many thanks for your continued interest and, for supporting the work of the Ludlow Hydro Co-Operative.